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W4 is an innovative design with gear drive transmission with SRT & CRT movement of vertically mounted blades.

W4 is powered by a backpack 52cc brush cutter with a special comfortable backpack harness with special support to minimize vibration for maximum operator comfort. Ideal for tea and coffee plantation.

Weeder W4 is made for weeding or maintaining different type of soils: green space, market gardening, fruit production, vine, etc. 

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2 Stroke, Lubricating Oil mixed Gasoline engine



Rated Power

1.50 kW/ 2.1 hp

Tiller Working




Special comfortable double backpack harness to avoid vibration, stress on the operator

Working width


Working Depth



Detailed Description

Weeder W4 is made for weeding or maintaining different types of soils : green space, market gardening, fruit production, vine… This 2kw gasoline-powered tool is equipped with 4 rotative cutting heads. The Weeder W4 covered all the bases with features like performance, agility, comfort, and productivity to cope with new environmental constraints.
ROBUST : With its 4 rotative cutting heads mounted on a pivot point, it offers quick and precise operating.
EASY TO USE : Very easy to use, the hand position happens naturally on the tool, which provides precision work to the user. In addition, say goodbye to the tiredness and autonomy constraints.
COMFORTABLE : The Weeder W4 has been developed to offer maximum comfort when it is used. Comfortable harness, adjustable and ergonomic handle. Thanks to the throttle handle, you can easily control the tool’s power and speed depending on the type of soil and the work to be done.
EFFICIENT : The operator can carry out a weeding work safely. This tool can clean large areas in a very short time. For better results, introducing the rotative heads into the soil before starting the throttle is recommended. The natural movement with the Weeder W4 is the same as a usual hand tool that you use for weeding or hoeing.
The Weeder’s benefits bring comfort, efficiency, and productivity. It will become an essential tool for alternative weeding.


Video Demonstrations

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How much petrol is consumed in 1 hour of tilling?

With W4 the fuel consumption per hour will be around 0.700-0.800 liters. 

What's the warranty period on the machine?

There is 6 month  warranty on the Transmission and Engine. Please read the terms and conditions for the same.

What tools or accessories come along with W4 in the box?

Along with the machine W4, each box contains One Tool kit, Eye glass, ear protection, Fuel container, Tap N go trimmer line, and Tri-Blade.

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