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Weeder W4

Backpack brushcutter with mini weeder

The brushcutter with Weeder W4 is made for weeding or maintaining different type of soils: green space, market gardening, fruit production, vine, etc. 
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Forestry Brushcutter/ Lawn mower

The forestry cutter L JUNIOR 55P allows to eliminate efficiently tall grasses and scrubs on every type of terrain, like meadow or undergrowth, and is perfect for areas exceeding 5000 m². It is also used for mowing grass patches, fields, and gardens to ensure the grass is well groomed.
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What is a brushcutter?

A brush cutter is a gardening or agricultural tool used to trim unnecessary weeds and small plants. Various blades or trimmer heads can be attached to the machine for specific applications.

A wheeled brushcutter is a forestry cutter used to eliminate tall grass and scrubs on any type of terrain. It is also used as a mower to mow the lawn and grass. The forestry brushcutter/ lawn mower utilizes one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height.


Uses of brushcutter and lawn mowers ?

Backpack brush cutters are lightweight and easy to operate. Pubert Backpack brushcutter with weeder W4 comes with a comfortable harness and special support to minimize vibration.

They can be used in gardens and farmlands, helping the farmer save time and labor costs. Pubert Weeder W4 can withstand hard soil, making deweeding easy in any type of terrain. Brushcutters with mini weeders can help increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary weeds thereby allowing the crops to thrive.

Lawn mowers are widely used for chopping, trimming, or mowing grass patches, fields, lawns, and gardens to ensure that the grass is well-groomed and grows at an even, appropriate height. Lawn mowers also have a push handle or steering wheel that helps propel, move around easily. 


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