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A 70kg Direct Shaft Drive Weeder with PTO  shaft for multifunctional usage. Ideal for wetland cultivation.

A quick coupling PTO shaft provided for hassle-free fitment of 3 piston spray pump and self-priming water pump.

Tiller working capacity is between 150 and 300 m² per hour per pass according to soil conditions.

Maestro 55P is a convertible, heavy-duty tiller, made with high-quality material: frame, bumper guard, tranmission, tines debris shield. 

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OHV, 4 stroke,  Aircooled, Cast iron Sleeve Single Cylinder

Rated Power 4.2 kW


212 cc

Fuel tank Capacity

3.5 litres

Engine Oil capacity

0.65 litres

Fuel Consumption

0.600 – 0.700 litres per hour

Starting System




Oil Immersed multi-plate clutch system


2 forward + 1 reverse , Direct shaft Driven Power Transmission


14mm Aux PTO Shaft for SPRAY PUMP and WATER PUMP application



Cutting Width

600mm to 900mm ( 1.96Feet to 2.95 feet ) Adjustable

Cutting Depth

101mm to 203 mm ( 4 inch to 8 inch )


78 kg

Wheel Size

4.00 x 8


Detailed Description

Tiller working capacity is between 150 and 300 m² per hour per pass according to soil conditions.

Maestro 55P is a heavy-duty tiller, made with high-quality material: frame, bumper guard, transmission, tines debris shield.

Driving the Maestro is very convenient, its 2 speed forward and 1 speed reverse offer more options for tilling and transportation without effort. By a combination of speed selection and engine throttle speed control, the working speed is adjustable which enables effortless work optimization.

The machine is equipped with ergonomic control levers and owns an adjustable height and floated reinforced handlebar.

The clutch system is a multi-plate clutch like on a motorcycle, comparing to a belt clutch system, this technology offers a constant and high yield, very long life, and low maintenance system.

Then, Maestro enables to prepare soils until a depth of 32 cm and a large width of 95 cm with 6 tines to make quick tilling of large areas.

This machine is equipped with a reinforced double function spur and two wheels 400×8 are supplied with the machine (equipped with welded wheel rims).

Video Demonstrations

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How much petrol is consumed in 1 hour of tilling?

Depending on the condition of the soil, Maestro will consume 650ml to 700 ml of Petrol per hour in dry tilling depending on the soil moisture condition . During Wetland Maestro will consume 0.700 – 0.800 litres per hour.

How much land can be tilled in One hour?

Approximately 1 Acre of land can be tilled in 2.5 hours. So around 0.40 Acre can be tilled in 1 hour of continuous use.

What are the accessories for Maestro?

Ridger , Potato digger, Paddy wheel, Self-priming aluminum water pump, and 3 piston Spray pump.

Does transport Wheels come in the box?


What is the warranty period on the machine?

There is One year warranty on the Gear Box and Engine. Please read the terms and conditions for the same.

What tools or accessories come along with Maestro in the box?

Along with the machine Maestro, each box contains one Tool kit.

Product sheet
Spare part list
user manual
Accessories: Ridger kit with wheels
Accessories: Potatoes ridger kit