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A 58kg light weight, heavy-duty tiller for horticulture and agriculture applications. Ideal for vegetables, fruits, and flower cultivation.

ARO PRO is a strong, efficient, and versatile tiller for multi-functional usage. Powered by a 6 hp PUBERT engine and a patented gearbox, it can do jobs on slow as well as high rpm on various types of surfaces.

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OHV, 4 stroke, Aircooled, Cast iron sleeve single cylinder

Rated Power

4.2kW/ 6 Hp


212 cc

Fuel Tank Capacity

3.5 litres

Engine Oil capacity

0.65 litres

Fuel Consumption

0.6 – 0.7 litres per hour

Starting System

Recoil Type



Belt tension type with Auto adjustment


2 forward + 1 reverse

Tiller Working


Cutting Width

60cm to 80cm

Cutting Depth

10cm to 20cm



Wheel Size

4.00 x 8

ARO PRO is | Tiller

The 2+1 Strong Tiller

Launched in 2016, ARO PRO is a new range of robust, reliable, and efficient tillers. It has a world-patented Gear Box that enables you to do different work on your farm. 

The Gear Box is made up of carbon fibre polymeric shell and steel sprockets.  The 2 Forward gears are calibrated for two essential functions:

  • First gear is from 60 to 80 rpm, for difficult work on hard soil surfaces and is ideal for RIDGER KIT
  • Second gear is from 140 to 160 rpm, for soils preparation work with a very fine finishing
  • The Reverse gear is the safest and the slowest speed in the market at 0.7 m/s

The Chain transmission is made up of strong removable chain lubricated by grease. The narrow profile of transmission and ground clearance helps the tiller movement and working depth in the soil. Steel rings protect the machined ball-bearings of the shaft. Heat-treated steel reinforcement on the bottom of the transmission prevents wear and tear. 

The belt lifetime is improved due to a new clutch system designed & patented by PUBERT. The clutch cable is set for a lifetime and does not need any adjustments.

The forged tines are dismountable, so you can easily reduce the working width (60 cm and 80 cm) and adapt your work to several row spacings. The additional side disks are suited to protect adjacent crops. This The cultivator enables to prepare soils until a depth of 32 cm. 

The handlebar can be adjusted to a specific height and direction. It is also laterally adjustable and helps the user to stay at the side of the machine during tilling without risk of stepping on tilled soil, work close to the wall, hedges, fencing. 

The transport outside the garden is facilitated by Tractor style wheels that are retractable during ground work.


ARO PRO can be equipped with RIDGER KIT and POTATO KIT.

Video Demonstrations

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How much petrol is consumed in 1 hour of tilling?

Depending on the condition of the soil, Aro Pro will consume 600ml to 700 ml of Petrol per hour.

How much land can be tilled in One hour?

Approximately 1 Acre of land can be tilled in 2.5 hours. So around 0.40 Acre can be tilled in 1 hour of continuous use.

Can Ridger and Potoato Digger be used with Aro Pro?


Does transport Wheels come in the box?


What is the warranty period on the machine?

There is One year warranty on the Gear Box and Engine. Please read the terms and conditions for the same.

Can Aro Pro be used for Wet Cultivation?

No. Although the Gearbox case and Chain transmission case is water resistant, it is not to be used for Paddy cultivation. 

What tools or accessories come along with Aro Pro in the box?

Along with the machine ARO PRO, each box contains 2 extra high-temperature belts and One Tool kit

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